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Call them what you like: Fuck Machines, Love Machines, Sex Machines, Fucksaw, Drilldo, ... their basic purpose remains to screw you senseless. We now offer the following nine fuck machines, each specialized in its own way to make your prostate sing. NOTE: we do not have any of these machines in store, so keep in mind that there is a wait-period between ordering and delivery.

  • My Pleasurer Love Machine:a truly versatile sex machine that lets you enjoy countless position possibilities. This sexy machine has the ability to be tilted horizontally or vertically so you can be taken from multiple angles! This thrusting powerhouse comes with a silicone dildo remote that allows the user to adjust the speed of penetration and can also stimulate simultaneously. High powered multiple speed strokes are driven by a strong motor and able to teasingly take you, or pound you into submission with a mighty 300 strokes per minute. Comes with an extension rod that adds an additional 20 cm of reach. Grip-tight support pads hold the machine securely in place, and the easy-twist knobs allow to you quickly adjust the angles.
  • Bondage Love Machine: The Bondage Love Machine is the perfect bondage gear fuck-machine combination! Tilting platform to alter the Machine thrusting direction; Removable T-Bar shape to fit desired positions; Including 2 attachments and double penetrator holder. Works on both 10/120V 220/240V.
  • My Diletto Love Machine: The My Diletto sex chair provides you with the sensations of sexual penetration that would normally require a partner. Attach your favorite dildo to your My Diletto sex chair, add your favorite lubricant and enjoy private moments of uninterrupted pleasure, when and how you want it. With the My Diletto self-pleasuring chair you can play by yourself or as a couple. Make your riding experience as memorable as your imagination can take you. The My Diletto uses your natural body movement to provide stimulation in a comfortable seated position. Ride your My Diletto chair at a pace that will satisfy you. You are in control of each and every thrust—satisfy your needs and urges exactly as you know how. You are your only limitation. My Diletto is collapsible to a 15 cm height, to allow for under the bed or in the closet storage and privacy. The chair folds out and locks into place in two seconds. It’s compact, portable and works without electricity. There are no straps, no locks or pinch points and you don’t need to worry about running out of batteries. To open or fold chair pull seat out. Attach your vacuum-lock style dildo to the base. Apply your favourite lubricant. Ease yourself onto the dong before you sit. Enjoy your My Diletto with the simple forward or backward movement of your hips. The sleek design easily accommodates any riding position. Simply sit forward or backwards and the seat moves back and forth—up to 7,6 cm. The movement of the hips in a forward and backward motion will insert the dildo at an accelerated rate up to 20 cm in response to the rhythm of your own body motion.
  • Fuck Box Love Machine: The Fuck Box Love Machine is a compact, diverse fuck-machine! Variable Thrusting speed from 70RPM to 200RPM (200 RPM is about 3 strokes a second!); Small/Compact and Easy to operate; Very Powerful yet quiet; Including 5 accessories; Works on both 10/120V 220/240V.
  • Wiggler Love Machine: The Wiggler Love Machine is a compact, diverse fuck-machine! Variable Thrusting speed; Small/Compact and Easy to operate; Very Powerful yet quiet; Including 3 accessories.
  • Robotic Love Machine: The Robotic Love Machine can be changed in any position or angle YOU desire! Including 2 attachments and double penetrator holder. Works on both 10/120V 220/240V.
  • The Excite: designed with precision craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. This premium fucking machine comes equipped with an adjustable speed of 90 to 300 RPM so you get to choose the thrusting speed, Versatile and easy to assemble, the frame can be adjusted by height, angle, stroke speed, and depth; This thrusting powerhouse also comes with three sexy accessories- a silicone tapered attachment for anal exploration, and a 7 inch realistic dildo for deep penetration. A vibrating silicone dildo remote allows you to adjust the speed of penetration and can also be used to stimulate with powerful vibration; The Excite sex machine is compatible with most other screw-in attachments; Measurements: 53 cm in length, 29 cm in width, 43 cm in height; Adjusts from 5 cm to 42 cm in height; Specs: Input: 00 to 240 volts, 50 to 60Hz, 1.5 Amps.Output: 15 volts, 4 amps; Stroke Length with 18 cm penis: Inner stroke length is 7.5 cm, outer stroke is 25.5 cm, extension arm adds 20 cm to outer stroke length; Stroke speed: 0-300 strokes per minute; Horsepower and torque: 0.5 HP, 40 in-lbs, 300 RPM.
  • Ceasar 3.0: slides between your mattress and box spring for fun usage in the bed, or simply place it on the floor. The non-marring, non-skid base offers strong adherence to the floor or mattress, and the design offers easy height and angle adjustments. The motor operates very quietly at a safe, low voltage and contains a gear system that is able to achieve a thrusting speed of 75 to 300 strokes per minute. The torque of Caesar 3.0 was also increased to 45 in-lbs over the previous model. Comes with three attachments for both anal and vaginal use; Measurements: Machine: 69 cm in height; Base: 51 cm in length, 40.5 cm in width; thrusting arm: Adjusts from 15 cm to 56 cm in height; Stroke length with 18 cm attachment: Approximately 7.5 cm; Penis dildo: 18 cm in length, 5 cm in diameter; Anal dildo: 16 cm in length, 3.8 cm wide; Vibrating remote: 19 in total length, 11.50 cm insertable, 3.43 in diameter; Input: 00v to 240v, 50Hz to 60Hz; Output: 15 volts, 4 amps; Horsepower: 1/2 Hp, 45 In-Lbs, 300 RPM


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Fuck Machines

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